Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happiness Is All The Rage - 02/10/09

artist - song

requests in blue

the get up kids - valentine
764-HERO - terrified of flight
the casket lottery - what i built last
american football - but the regrets are killing me
texas is the reason = the magic bullet theory
samiam - mud hill
the promise ring - why did ever we meet
christie front drive - dyed on 8
boys life - tucked in
braid - never will come for us
knapsack - shape of the fear
hey mercedes - playing your song
jawbreaker - shield your eyes
hot rod circuit - radiation suit
cap'n jazz - yes, i am talking to you
pop unknown - b-sides
sunny day real estate - round
owls - what whorse you wrote id on
the appleseed cast - marigold & patchwork
death cab for cutie - debate exposes doubt
coldplay - viva la vida
the anniversary - all things ordinary
dag nasty - minority of one
the new amsterdams - hanging on for hope
no knife - the red bedroom
weezer - across the sea
jets to brazil - perfecting loneliness
cross my heart - it doesnt take that many pills to sleep forever
mineral - gjs

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