Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gold Sounds 2/25/09: Brought to you by the letter A

So I was wondering what it'd be like to have a show that was like Sesame Street, so here's my attempt: songs and artists that start with A. If the song and artist both start with A, it's worth two points! Anyway, new stuff in red. Songs with identical titles are in "All My Friends" gold.

Animal Collective "Also Frightened"
These Are Powers "Adam's Turtle"
Architecture in Helsinki "That Beep"

Los Campesinos! "All Your Kayfabe Friends"
O Pioneers! "The Architect of Disney World"
Spoon "All the Pretty Girls Go to the City"

Rock Block - Hello Sir Records
Cinemechanica "Antsinjapants"
We Versus the Shark "As Good As it Gets"
A.Armada "The Dam Was Split but the City Was Saved"

At the Drive-In "One Armed Scissor"
Appomattox "Either Way"
Archers of Loaf "Audiowhore"

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead "Another Morning Stoner"
Jawbreaker "Accident Prone"
Pavement "And Then (The Hexx)"

Defiance, Ohio "Anxious and Worrying"
Fugazi "Argument"
Deer Tick "Ashamed"

Devendra Banhart "Autumn's Child"
The Dismemberment Plan "Automatic"
Dntel "Anywhere Anyone"

Radiohead "Airbag"
Faunts "Alarmed/Lights"

Menomena "Air Aid"
Minus the Bear "Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse"
Mott the Hoople "All the Young Dudes"

The Smiths "Ask"
Hello Seahorse! "Atardecer en Parapent"
Ozma "Apple Trees"

The Books "All Our Base Are Belong to Them"
Pinback "AFK"
The Avalanches "Frontier Psychiatrist"
The Beatles "Across the Universe"

Broken Social Scene "All My Friends"
LCD Soundsystem "All My Friends"
Pavement "All My Friends"

Aphex Twin "Windowlicker"

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