Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happiness Is All The Rage - 01/28/09

Tuesdays 1AM - 3AM (Wednesday morning)

Sorry for the delay, but I finally got a new show up, called Happiness Is All the Rage. It will be playing every Tuesday from 1AM - 3AM (technically Wednesday, but on Tuesdays schedule). What I normally play is emo from the 90s, but I am always open to requests. Requests for this show are labeled in blue.

song - artist

happiness is all the rage - the promise ring
first day back - braid
its been a blast - hey mercedes
change is all the rage - knapsack
song about an angel - sunny day real estate
palisade - Mineral
hope for us - the jealous sound
never meant - american football
chinatown - jets to brazil
little league - cap'n jazz
the sound - further seems forever
losing touching searching - the appleseed cast
golf hill drive - boys life
don't hate me - the get up kids
disciple - slayer
instant romance - christie front drive
another holiday - pop unknown
chesterfield king - jawbreaker
american hearts - piebald
everyone is my friend - owls
ears ring - rainer maria
el scorcho - weezer
ordinary life - samiam
the quiet things that no one ever knows - brand new
the heart is a lonely hunter - the anniversary
from california - the new amsterdams
the pharmacist - hot rod circuit
you were a party - 764-HERO

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Anonymous said...

Awesome playlist! I'll make sure to stay up late one of these days to listen to the show.