Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ambient Signal - 1/23/09 The 2009 Album Anticipation show

WRPI 91.5fm!
http://www.wrpi.org/ for webcast
Tuesdays 6-8pm

For tonights show I am playing songs from artists who will either be releasing a new album in 2009 or aritsts that i hope will be releasing a new album in 2009 *fingers crossed*..this list is basically repeated in my top 10 list of 2008 *see below* but may have additions

Amina - Fjarskanistan (No word on recording..on my wishlist..last album was in early 2007)
The Album Leaf - Into the Sea (Recording..Fall 2009)
Doves - Caught by the river (recorded? releasing mid 2009?)
Cat Power - Maybe not (Recorded..Releasing in March)
Emily Haines and the soft skeleton - Our Hell (On my wish list)
Feist - My Moon My Man (Grizzly bear remix) (On my wish list)
Animal Collective - Fireworks (Released..will be playing new album next week)
Grizzly Bear - Knife (Recorded..releasing in March)
The Velvet Teen - Noi Boi (Recording..Fall 2009)
Mono - The Flames beyond the cold mountain (Recorded..Releasing in March)
Charles Spearin - Marisa
Arabeske for piano In C Major Op 18 (From Benjamin Button Soundtrack)
BPA - Seattle
Bright Eyes - I must belong somewhere (Recording.. Fall 2009)
Menomena - Rotten hell (Recording.. Fall 2009)
Camera Obscura - If Looks could kill (On my wish list)
Sunset Rubdown - The Taming of the Hands that came back to life (On my wish list)
Battles - Atlas (On my wish list)
Charlie Everywhere - Mouthful of diamonds (Recorded..releasing soon?)

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