Tuesday, December 02, 2008

pinkie swear.

artist - song

minus the bear - the game needed me - the oktopus remix
mogwai - they chose horses
lykke li - little bit
annuals - confessor
annuals - hot night hounds
the notwist - good lies
death cab for cutie - amputations - live at the crocodile cafe, seattle, WA
bloc party - flux
the faint - get seduced
sBACH - 03
the faint - the geeks were right
quiver - surin
Noisa - FabricLive.40
Moby - I like to move in here - crookers mass remix
Baja - meth arrow
alias - i heart drum machines
david byrne & brian eno - strange overtones
modest mouse - never ending math equation

Semester is coming to a close this week. Crazy, stressful, and chaotic. I've got coffee in one hand and a long list of projects to finish in the other. I've got one semester left and then I'm off to go work as a real-live graphic designer. I'll be off the air from December 17-January 10th (?) and then I'll return to do one semester of shows. Stay tuned to the blog for updates.


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