Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gold Sounds 12/9/08: 2008 Retrospective + songs that make me feel good

The year's almost over, so I've decided to play lots of the best stuff from 2008, some very recent stuff and some older songs I really like. For variety's sake, songs that aren't from a 2008 release are in red.

Talkdemonic "Ending the Orange Glow"

The Walkmen "Red Moon"
Pinback "Walters"
French Miami "All on Fire"

Brendan Canning "Churches Under the Stairs"
Ra Ra Riot "Dying Is Fine"
Land of Talk "Young Bridge"

Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks "Wicked Wanda"
Mono in VCF "Escape City Scrapers"
Pattern Is Movement "Trolley Friend"

Glassjaw "Ape Dos Mil"
Why? "Song of the Sad Assassin"
Pegasuses-XL "The Big Haunt"

We Versus the Shark "Hello Blood"
Appomattox "Either Way"
Pavement "Date w/ Ikea"/"Fin" (from the Brighten the Corners reissue...1997 Peel Session)

Wallpaper "Pop Rocket"
Secret Dakota Ring "Losing Eyeballs"
Deerhoof "Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back" (rebound rebound rebound rebound)

Marnie Stern "Prime"
Death Vessel "Bruno's Torso"
Calexico "House of Valparaiso"

Longwave "No Direction"
sBACH "08"
Hum "Green to Me"

Rivers Cuomo "Oh Jonas"/"Please Remember"/"Come to My Pod"
Sebastien Grainger "I Hate My Friends"
Starfucker "Mike Ptyson"

Bomb the Music Industry! "Ghost of Corporate Future" (Regina Spektor cover)
Los Campesinos! "Ways to Make it through the Wall"
caUSE-coMOTION! "Only Fades Away"/"Baby Don't Do It"

Johnny Foreigner "Eyes Wide Terrified"
Brazilian Girls "Good Time"
Dungen "Det Tar Tid"

Miniature Tigers "The Wolf"
Hearts of Palm UK "Trust"
Margot & the Nucleaer So and So's "As Tall As Cliffs"

Noah and the Whale "Two Atoms in a Molecule"
The New Year "My Neighborhood"
Annuals "Springtime"
Pinback "Tres"

Rock Block: The evolution of Death Cab for Cutie
Death Cab for Cutie "Your Bruise"
"Title and Registration"
"Grapevine Fires"
The Postal Service "Against All Odds"

The Decemberists "Record Year"
Belle and Sebastian "Judie and the Dream of Horses" (wtf CD 2? cut off)
Spoon "Paper Tigers"
Jessica Lea Mayfield "I Can't Lie to You, Love"
Pavement "Range Life"

Mates of State "Open Book"
Lykke Li "I'm Good, I'm Gone"
Alias "I Heart Drum Machines"/"Well Water Black"

This is my last show of the semester! Sad, but I'll be back next semester, though at a time TBD. I'll keep you posted once next semester starts (Jan 13th, I believe is the day). Happy holidays!

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