Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gold Sounds 10/7/07: Pinback, etc.

Here from 12-4 today! Lots of Pinback/Rob Crow/Zach Smith-related stuff today, 'cause I saw Pinback last weekend and they were awesome. That stuff is in green, and new stuff is in red.

Pinback "Boo"
My Morning Jacket "Touch Me I'm Going to Scream pt. 1"
Blitzen Trapper "Furr"

Chad Vangaalen "Phantom Anthills"
Xu Xu Fang "The Mourning Son"
All Girl Summer Fun Band "Trajectory"

Land of Talk "Death by Fire"
Tired Irie "IM Keller"
Tokyo Police Club "Graves" (you traded me for the lump sum, you can try but I'll never be a gentleman)

Pinback "From Nothing to Nowhere" (The Breakfast Club dancing to Pinback here)
Appomattox "Either Way"
The Dismemberment Plan "Gyroscope"

Los Campesinos! "Death to Los Campesinos!"
The Anniversary "The D in Detroit"
Georgie James "Look Me Up"

So Many Dynamos "Progress" (we watered the sidewalks and interstates sprouted)
Ra Ra Riot "Dying Is Fine"
Oxford Collapse "Electric Arc" (our plans fell through, what will we do?)

Adem "Loro"
Death Cab for Cutie "Grapevine Fires"
The Walkmen "In the New Year"

Delta Spirit "People C'mon"
Dr. Dog "The Old Days"
Pinback "Offcell"
Talkdemonic "Shattered into Dyes"

Fourth of July "Pimps in Paris"
Heavy Vegetable "Crash"/"P.O.E."
Women "Upstairs"

Ghost to Falco "Maupin"
Mercury Rev "Runaway Raindrop"
Jackson Browne "Lawyers in Love" (request!)

Animal Collective "Fireworks"
90 Day Men "We Blame Chicago"

Team Sleep "Princeton Review"
Pinback "Shag"
Hella "Cafeteria Bananas"
sBACH "08"
We Versus the Shark "I Am a Caffeinated Corpse"

MakeUpBreakUp "Blame Game"
31Knots "The Breaks"
TV on the Radio "Dancing Choose"

Johnny Foreigner "Eyes Wide Terrified" (your life is a song, your life is a song, your life is a song but not this one!)
Lykke Li "I'm Good, I'm Gone"
Fujiya & Miyagi "Knickerbocker"/"Uh"

Talking Heads "New Feeling"/"A Clean Break"/"Don't Worry about the Government"

Digitalism "Pogo (Mentalism Remix)"
Flying Lotus "Camel"/"Melti"/"Comet Course"
Adventure "Loredo"


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