Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gold Sounds 10/28/08: CMJ + new music edition

So as you've been reading, CMJ was this past week. I'll provide a retrospective of sorts by playing CDs from artists that performed at this year's CMJ Music Marathon. I also have new music to play from artists who weren't involved with CMJ at all this year. CMJ music is blue and plain old new music is red.

The Broken West "Auctioneer"
Miniature Tigers "Dino Damage"
Pattern Is Movement "Jenny Ono"

Broken Social Scene "Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)"
Land of Talk "It's Okay"
The New Year "Folios"

Her Space Holiday "Same Song Sing Along"
Shugo Tokumaru "D. P. O."
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez "Narwhal Horn"

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson "The Debtor"
Margot & the Nuclear So and So's "As Tall As Cliffs"
Anthony Green "Califone"

Fourth of July "Purple Heart"
The Little Ones "Rise & Shine"
Of Montreal "Women's Studies Victims"

Love Is All "Movie Romance"
Johnny Foreigner "Eyes Wide Terrified"
Los Campesinos! "...and We Exhale and Roll Our Eyes in Unison"

Oxford Collapse "Young Love Delivers"
Appomattox "Spanish Virgins"
Deerhoof "Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back"

CMJ ROCK BLOCK - Hello Sir Records showcase
Pegasuses-XL "The Big Haunt"
We Versus the Shark "I Am a Fantastic Battle"
So Many Dynamos "Progress"
The Bronzed Chorus "Inbetween"

Annuals "Hardwood Floor"
Minus the Bear "Knights"
Coheed and Cambria "Delirium Trigger"

Jessica Lea Mayfield "Kiss Me Again"
Marnie Stern "Ruler"
Kimya Dawson "We're All Animals"

Women "Shaking Hand"
Boo and Boo Too "No Tempo"
Sonic Youth "Teen Age Riot"

Thursday "In Silence"
These Arms Are Snakes "Woolen Heirs"
Envy "An Umbrella Fallen into Fiction"
Hum "I Hate it Too"

Ra Ra Riot "Dying Is Fine"
The Notwist "The Devil, You + Me"
Starfucker "German Love"

Passion Pit "Better Things"
School of Seven Bells "Half Asleep"
Lykke Li "I'm Good, I'm Gone"
CaUSE co-MOTION "Take a Look"/"Which Way Is Up?"

Rainbow Arabia "Omar K"
sBACH "08"
We Versus the Shark "Gothic Y'all"

The Mae Shi "Run to Your Grave"
Maps and Atlases "You and Me and the Mountain"
Tobacco "Street Trash"/"Truck Sweat"/"Hairy Candy"

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