Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gold Sounds 10/14/08: The Really Prepared Edition

Unlike most Tuesdays, I had class right before my show so most of this is from a playlist I prepared last night. I'm also covering most of Pinkie Swear too! New stuff is in red.

Marnie Stern "Prime"
TV on the Radio "Stork & Owl"
Land of Talk "Some Are Lakes"

The Weakerthans "Everything Must Go!"
So Many Dynamos "It's Gonna Rain" (I don't want to make amends! I just want to make a mess!)
Maps and Atlases "You and Me and the Mountain"

Tokyo Police Club "Graves"
Los Campesinos! "My Year in Lists"
Mates of State "Proofs"
Why? "Waterfalls"

We Versus the Shark "I Am at the Mercy of an Ambulance Driver"
Medications "Exercise Your Futility"
Future of the Left "The Lord Hates a Coward"

Cap'n Jazz "In the Clear"
The White Stripes "Death Letter"
Weezer "Waiting on You"

Dirty Projectors "Rise Above" (Black Flag)
We Versus the Shark "Idioteque" (Radiohead)
Bomb the Music Industry! "Ghost of Corporate Future" (Regina Spektor)

Andrew Jackson Jihad "Sense, Sensibility"
This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb "Depression"
Defiance, Ohio "Anxious and Worrying"
Bomb the Music Industry! "Sadder? Weirder?"
Andrew Jackson Jihad "I Am So Mad at You" (and I just can't shake the feeling that I'll be alone forever, please tell me that's not the case!)

Belle and Sebastian "Piazza, New York Catcher"
Neutral Milk Hotel "Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone" (live from New Zealand)
Colour Revolt "Moses of the South"

Animal Collective "Leaf House"
Black Mountain "Tyrants"

Bad Astronaut "These Days"
Ben Kweller "Hospital Bed"
Fourth of July "Purple Heart"

The Dismemberment Plan "Following Through"(I can do it anywhere with anyone at anytime, don't you forget, this is my life and it's gonna be good, don't you know?)
Hop Along, Queen Ansleis "Bruno Is Orange"
Kickball "Fight"

Movie Giveway - Body of Lies (Leonardo Dicaprio AND Russell Crowe? Whoa)

Death Cab for Cutie "20th Century Towers"
Le Loup "Planes Like Vultures." (Oh, this world was made for ending!)
Monroe Mustang "Found Out"

ckid "Down with Ghosts"
Deceptikon "Ox Conservatory"
Glen Porter "Prolong"/"Memoirs"

Justice "Stress"
Islands "Tsuxiit"
Minus the Bear "This Ain't a Surfin' Movie" (Iqu 06 Mix)

Irepress "Fiddler, Yeeryding"
Experimental Aircraft "Blue Cream Sky"
Do Make Say Think "The Landlord Is Dead"

Battles "Hi/Lo"

I won't be here next week (and neither will Emelie, actually) because of CMJ, so see you two weeks from today (perhaps from 12-4 instead of the normal 2-4)! I'll play more new stuff next show too.

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