Tuesday, September 16, 2008

pinkie swear.

artist - track

the ting tings - fruit machine
tilly and the wall - pot kettle black
yelle - je veux te voir
stereo image - dark chapter
elsiane - vaporous
minus the bear - let's play clowns
fixmer/mccarthy: FM - into the night
brazilian girls - good times
daedelus - get off your hi-hats
chemical brothers - do it again
twink - blindfolded bird race
sBACH - 06
adventure - civilization
the faint - forever growing centipedes
alias - oakland in the rearview mirror
hybrid - trifonic - parks on fire
flying lotus - camel
hybrid - quiver - surin
moby - I love to move in here - crookers lemmesee remix
don rimini - nervous breakdown
MGMT - electric feel - justice remix (OMG JUSTICE AT ALTAMONT FAIR GROUNDS OMG)
the faint - get seduced
alias - well water black
fujiya & miyagi - knickerbocker
death cab for cutie - no sunlight
mates of state - help help
beck - orphans
my brightest diamond - apples
the notwist - good lies
kimya dawson - happy home // wiggle my tooth (off her new kids album)

Today I decided to make the playlist colorful - drawing inspiration from the cd album covers actual colors. I guess I'm having a colorful day.

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