Monday, September 01, 2008

Gold Sounds: Labor Day/really late edition

Late fill-in tonight (guess that goes without saying). I seriously didn't think I was going to do this until 10 minutes prior and sans external harddrive, so sorry about the predictable music choices. New music in red.

The Walkmen "Donde esta la Playa"/"Flamingos (for Colbert)"/"On the Water"

Menomena "Oahu"
Menomena "Wet and Rusting" (awesome music video:
Lacktherof "Doomed Elephants"

Brendan Canning "Love Is New"
Broken Social Scene "Fire Eye'd Boy"
Kevin Drew "Safety Bricks"

The Dismemberment Plan "Girl O' Clock"
Q and Not U "Soft Pyramids"
Tiger Bear Wolf "Wrong Lens, Wrong Film"

The Tiger Lillies "Gypsy Lament" (request!)
Beirut "A Call to Arms"/"Nantes"
Gogol Bordello "Start Wearing Purple"/"Sally" (request-ish)

ROCK BLOCK: The 'I don't know why people go batshit over these bands, but maybe I'll change my mind after listening to them again' edition
The National "Start a War"
The Hold Steady "Sequestered in Memphis"
Wolf Parade "Soldier's Grin" (Wolf Parade's aight, I guess)

PINKIE SWEAR: The Tim Gilman edition
!!! "Heart of Hearts"
Daft Punk "Around the World"/"Harder Better Faster Stronger" (from Alive 2007)
Justice "Phantom"/"Phantom pt 2"
The Dismemberment Plan "The Other Side (remix by Justin Norvell)"
Bitter:Sweet "Get What I Want"

Whoa, that last block was awesome. Later!

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