Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gold Sounds 9/23/08: 90% 2008 edition

Playing lots of stuff from this year, not necessarily new by WRPI standards though. If it is new by WRPI standards, it's in red. If I talked about a song's title in an educational context, it's in blue.

Mono in VCF "Escape City Scrapers"
The Walkmen "In the New Year"
Pinback "Shag"

TV on the Radio "Dancinig Choose"
We Versus the Shark "Hello Blood"
Appomattox "Either Way"

The Mae Shi "Pwnd"
Dr. Dog "The Old Days"
Johnny Foreigner "Eyes Wide Terrified"

Pattern Is Movement "Jenny Ono"
Man Man "Poor Jackie"

Devotchka "The Clockwise Witness"
Destroyer "Dark Leaves Form a Thread"
Portugal. The Man "Colors"

Violent Femmes "Crazy" (Gnarls Barkley Cover)
Brendan Canning "Churches Under the Stairs"
The Little Ones "Unlock the Door!"

No Kids "For Halloween"
Jenny Lewis "Pretty Bird"
Neva Dinova "Tryptophan"

These United States "Honor Amongst Thieves"
The Whigs "Like a Vibration"
Silverchair "Leave Me Out" (request!)

Portishead "Plastic"
Talkdemonic "Duality of Deathening"
Alias "Prelude to a Death Watch"/"Death Watch"

Four Tet "Ribbons"

Today's show went supahsmooth, thanks for listening!

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