Friday, August 22, 2008

Gold Sounds Impromptu Set: 8/22/08

'sup, I'm playing music today. I wasn't expecting it either. New songs in maroon. Almost new songs in forest green.

Pavement "Spit on a Stranger"
Adem "Loro" (Pinback cover)
Herman Dune "Son of Samuel"
The Notwist "Good Lies"

The Last Shadow Puppets "Calm Like You"
Port O'Brien "I Woke Up Today"
Julie Ocean "#1 Song"

We Versus the Shark "Gothic, Y'all"
Bridge and Tunnel "Call to the Comptroller's Office"
Garrison "Know the Locale"

Oxford Collapse "Young Love Delivers"
Violent Femmes "Crazy" (Gnarls Barkley cover)

Mono in VCF "Escape City Scrapers"
The Drones "Dog Eared"
Animal Collective "Banshee Beat"

Drive Like Jehu "Sinews"
We Versus the Shark "Keep it Wolf"
Hum "I'd Like Your Hair Long"

Ben Gibbard "You Remind Me of Home"
The Get Up Kids "Campfire Kansas"
The Decemberists "Cocoon"

Death Cab for Cutie "Title Track"
Low "California"
Neil Young "Out on the Weekend" (request)

Built to Spill "Time Trap"
Anthem In "Hold on to Me"
Get Him Eat Him "Not Not Nervous"

Pavement "Stop Breathin"
Preston School of Industry "Where You Gonna Go?"
Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew "Lucky Ones"

But for real, it's good to be back playing music.

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Blar said...

good show..i miss the playlist color coding, haha