Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Denali Reunion show - 7.05.08

So after 5 years of waiting I finally got to see Denali in concert again. They broke up in 2004 (well I think the original members broke up in 2003..I saw their last show in richmond, the cd release show for the instinct). This show at Richmond's semi-new (amazing) venue The National was every bit as satisfying as when I saw them at that show.

The openers alone would have made a great show. Great White Jenkins (I'll be playing their CD on my show) was one of my favorites, with a more interesting Fleet Foxes sort of sound, and a small horn section joining them for the latter half of their set. Prabir and the substitutes wasn't quite was I was into, with a straight up 60's/Beatles kind of sound. Tulsa drone was the last opener. I had seen them a couple years ago at an odd little show in an art gallery in downtown richmond and liked them enough to pick up their CD but didn't listen to it much. They were pretty good live (the CD didn't quite compare) and this show had them in similar form but the anticipation for Denali was sort of overshadowing their western, hammer-dulcimer infused post-rock.

Denali built the crowd up for their set with a looping sound sample of cryptic organs and telephone rings. They also had some video stuff going behind a dark stage. After 5 minutes (too long! haha) of that, they finally entered and started with French Mistake. They only have 2 albums so it was pretty easy to play all of the crowd pleasing songs. Lose Me, Relief, Do Something were some of my favorites. The video work in the background was pretty amazing most times (I'm a VJ myself so I know how hard some of the stuff the artist was doing was). Not the tightest show ever but after 5 years you can't expect spot on accuracy. The important thing was that all of them looked like they were having fun with it. They did unveil one new song they had fleshed out during their practices called Church Hill Bricks (I caught the name on a setlist while I was waiting for an autograph). It sounded good, not typical Denali but hopefully they've all matured in their sounds in 5 years and taken on new influences, I know I have. Here's hoping they record that song (and maybe a couple others, pretty please) to release sometime, but that show will be enough to hold me for at least another 5 years, haha.

I know I saw several cameras recording the show, so a DVD or web series may also be in the works, I know they have a 4 part reunion web series coming out (part 1 has been out for a while). In lieu of that, I brought my own camcorder and recorded a few of the songs. That new one, Church Hill Bricks, is below..enjoy

Denali - Church Hill Bricks (New song from Reunion show) from blair neal on Vimeo.

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