Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ambient Signal 6/4/08

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

Broken Social Scene - Cranley's gonna make it
The Album Leaf - Twenty two fourteen
Pure Horsehair- On looseleaf with sharpie
Annuals- Complete or completing
Wolf Parade- Dear songs and daughters of hungry ghosts
Camera obscura- Let's get out of this country
Death cab for cutie - Cath (meant to play talking bird..)
Mates of state- My only offer
Peter von poehl- Going to where the tea trees are
Watson Twins- How am i to be?
Spiritualized- i gotta fire
My education- Arch
Submarines- Brightest hour
Mar- farewell
Quitzow- Sponsor (it didn't mean a thing)
Bittersweet- Get what i want
Cursive- Bad sects
13 & God- Soft atlas
The velvet teen- We were bound (to bend the rules)
Sigur Ros- Gong
Caspian- Some are white light
Explosions in the sky- what do you go home to?
Venetian Snares- Hajnal

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