Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ambient Signal 5/28/08 - Extended edition

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

Guest playlist from my girlfriend for the first hour

Junior Boys- Double Shadow
The Anniversary - D in detroit
Mewithoutyou - January 1979
Apples in stereo - Go
St. Vincent- All my stars aligned
Art in Manila- Time gets us all
Neko Case- John saw that number
Badly Drawn Boy- Something to talk about
Pipettes- Your kisses are wasted on me
Battles- Atlas
Simian - LA Breeze
Black keys-Do the rump
Bobby birdman- gone beyond

Begin normal playlist at 5:55:
Hammock- Elm
Animal Collective- Did you see the words
Menomena- Evil Bee
Irepress - Pah No
Sigur Ros - Gobbledigook
Halou - Morse code
Denali- Gunner
Styrofoam- After sunset
Shy child- Drop the phone
Lucky Dragons- Morning rituals
Mar- Icarus
Mates of state- Get better
Subtle - Exiting arm
Bitter:Sweet - The bomb
Submarines- You me and the bourgeouis
Death cab for cutie - Grapevine fires
Spiritualized- Soul on fire
Dosh - Kit and Pearls
Forget Cassettes- Like tiny swords
Bright Eyes- Four Winds
Rachel's - Water from the same source
Enigmatic String Quartet- There There (Radiohead cover)
Odd Nosdam- Don't come down here
Faunts - Of nature
Squarepusher- Tetra Sync


The Shanghai Revolutionary said...

Battles FTW! They're coming to DC and I'm totally seeing them.

Ambient Slut said...

did you know battles played at rpi in 2004? ive seen them 3 of the best live bands out there fo' serious