Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ambient Signal 5/14/08 - The what the hell am i doing edition

WRPI 91.5fm! for webcast

So theres supposed to be a baseball game coming on sometime during my I didn't plan a playlist because I thought I wasn't going to have to come in so i'm playing random new stuff, and an old playlist from 10/11/05 on a cd I found in the station, haha.. enjoy!

Start of show: Hammock - Gold star mothers and City in the dust on my window
Ester Drang- All this feeling
Wesafari- Alaska
Stars- What the snowman learned about love
Portishead- Machine Gun
Dosh- Wolves
Death cab for cutie- Bixby canyon bridge
Scarlett Johannson- Anywhere I lay my head
Russian Circles- Harper Lewis

Baseball game started like 5:40

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