Friday, January 04, 2008

Sad News for Bonde De Role Fans

As all of the WRPI students trickle back in, I'm writing to you from some stolen mall internet. I just found out the following and I'm sorry to report that Bonde De Role is losing their lead singer. The following was taken from -Emelie

After canceling some US tour dates back in October, it appears it wasn't just the usual exhaustion excuse for Brazilian indie funk-punk faves, Bonde Do Role. The band has now canceled upcoming European and Australian dates on the heels of the departure of singer Marina. But breakup rumors are, so far, just that.

"The band will no longer be continuing with the same format, and remaining members Pedro [D'eyrot] and [DJ Rodrigo] Gorky are currently working hard to recruit a new member," said the band's publicist, Dana Meyerson.

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