Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ambient Signal 8/7/07

WRPI 91.5fm!
http://www.wrpi.org/ for webcast

Bright Eyes- I will be grateful for this day

Psapp- Hi

Paper Cranes- Triangle

Jeff Buckley- Grace

WHY?- Gemini (Birthday song)

Boy in static- Bellyfull

A Northern Chorus- This open Heart

Swords Project- City Life

Art in manila- Time gets us all

A Shoreline dream- New York

Emily Haines- Mostly Waving

Alina Simone- Saw Edged grass

Ulrich Schnauss- Here today, Gone tomorrow

St. Vincent- Paris is burning

Memphis- Amazons and swallows

Little Wings- Saturday

Fog- inflatable Ape pt. 3

Jumbling Towers- He's a cop now

Octopus project- The Adjustor

Boom Bip- One eye around the warm corner

Album leaf- San Simeon

Roots of Orchis- Hypoxia

Hammock- Floating Away in every direction

back in 2 weeks!


JD Sloan said...

That Alina Simone song was amazing! I'd love to hear more.

Ambient Slut said...
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Ambient Slut said...

you should probably check out cat power or sleater kinney if you haven't already..they sound very similar to alina simone