Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ambient Signal 6/26/07 The somebody's listening edition

WRPI 91.5fm!
http://www.wrpi.org/ for webcast

Wow i actually got some phone calls tonight..glad you guys enjoyed the show..leave comments about your favorite songs!

  1. The Books- Be Good to them always
  2. The Delgados- Coming in from the cold
  3. Neko Case- Star Witness
  4. Swords- Md11
  5. Squarepusher- Squarepusher theme
  6. Venetian Snares- Hajnal
  7. Dosh- Steve the cat
  8. Montag- Hands off creature
  9. Maps- When you leave
  10. Metric- On the sly
  11. Tacks, the boy disaster
  12. An Angle- Even if i
  13. Two gallants- Seems like home to me
  14. Gregory Alan Isakov- The Stable song
  15. Epsilons- I hate (your face)
  16. Von sudenfed- Fledermaus can't get it
  17. Boat- Come with me..we'll win
  18. Travis- 3 times and you lose
  19. Sean hayes- Time
  20. Chris Bathgate- A flash of light followed by
  21. Arovane- Tokyo ghost stories
  22. Beck- Lost Cause
  23. Dutchkills- Zooey
  24. Neva Dinova- On/Off
  25. Porcupine tree- .3
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