Tuesday, May 29, 2007

monsters get slain may 29 2007

this is a pretty depressing show. sorry about that. at least music can be somber and melancholy without an excuse. don't worry about me! i've actually been fairly happy these days..

gene autry : buttons and bows
tipsy : sweet cinnamon punch
tortoise : on the chin
interpol : the heinrich manuever
band of horses : the funeral
kind of like spitting : born beautiful
benton falls : tell him
beirut : postcards from italy
reuben's accomplice : you do it awfully
kind of like spitting : worker bee #7438-F87904
ghost mice : song for tomorrow
jawbreaker : save your generation
logh : the bastards have landed
kiss kiss : killing the son
facing new york : apple sugar cider
godspeed! you black emperor : storm
the go find : everything is low
mogwai : kids will be skeletons
battles : rainbow
appleseed cast : forever longing the golden sunsets
herman dune : 1 2 3 apple tree
sparta : glasshouse tarot
city of caterpillar : a heart filled reaction to dissatisfaction
envy : distress of ignorance
a day in black and white : there are objects & objects
navies : continental divide


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