Thursday, April 12, 2007

monsters get slain april 12, 2007

lots of fun songs i haven't played before, and lots of fun songs i've played many times before. my favorites are blue. can you believe it snowed again today?

erin tobey - robot song
tender forever - the magic of crashing stars
antsy pants - tree hugger
ghost mice - up the punks
pretty hot - brotherly blows to the back of the head
joie dead blonde girlfriend - another journey
kimya dawson - underground
saw wheel - broken wheels
rymodee - marry me
tom frampton - drinking alone again
this bike is a pipe bomb - johnny
spoonboy - what you want
welcome home, nemo - ghost highway
captain chaos - farewell to all things familiar
rosa - starch & carbohydrates
songs of august - if you knew today
paul baribeau - i thought i could find you
devendra banhart - at the hop
evan greer - blue virginia day
bread and roses - maybe collecting records will help
defiance, ohio - road signs always look better when looking over your shoulder
the max levine ensemble - poop farm
paul baribeau with ginger alford - born to run (bruce springsteen cover)
ryan harvey - if i had a rocket launcher
woody guthrie - dust can't kill me

so much love!

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Addiced to Baked Goods said...

the guy from dead blonde girlfriend used to work at the kims video near my house until it closed